Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a type of talking therapy for people with mental health difficulties or simply low mood. It works in a collaborative approach with clients to assess their individual needs and habits. Collectively we look at emotions, thinking patterns and how they impact on our behaviour positively and negatively, and how they maintain disorders like depression, anxiety, ptsd, ocd, and may more.

CBT is evidence based, each disorder has been carefully reviewed by the National Institution of Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE). It has been proven that a warmth and empathic therapeutic relationship aids toward successful results.

CBT can take five to twenty sessions depending upon the individual. Collectively with the client we implement interventions to help change your thought process and certain behaviours. Additionally, we set in between tasks each session to practically practise what we have learnt.



Kirren has worked in the mental health field for eight years. Kirren has successfully completed her post graduate diploma in CBT and is accredited with the BABCP, the UK’s professional body for CBT therapists. Kirren has experience in working in both the private and voluntary sector. Kirren is also a supervisor to other CBT therapist. Kirren has a wealth of experience of working with many complex disorders.

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