Western herbal medicine is a complementary healthcare system based on modern scientific understanding of plants, disease and diagnosis.

The herbalist uses appropriate combinations of medicinal plant preparations to meet each patients particular needs.

Herbalists take a holistic approach to illness, treating the underlying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms, they are able to prescribe herbal remedies to be used alongside other medication and treatments.

They deal with a wide range of health conditions in every age group.

Victoria is a practitioner of Endobiogenic Medicine.

The Endobiogenic approach takes into account all the systems of the body: the individual organs, cellular and metabolic activity, as well as their relationship to each other and to the global functioning of the person, It is firmly rooted in modern scientific research in endocrinology (hormones), physiology and pathology.

To find our more about Endobiogenic medicine visit www.endobio.org.uk


Victoria McCann

BSc (Hons) MCPP
Victoria qualified over 17 years ago with a BSc Hons in Phytotherapy from the University of Wales. She is a member of the CPP (College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy www.thecpp.uk) one of the two main professional governing bodies of Western herbal medicine in the UK. Victoria is a practitioner of Endobiogenic Medicine and a member of the Endobiogenic Medicine Society (www.endobio.org.uk).

Telephone: 0161 941 1333 / 07905 542659

Initial consultation

£ 95.00 / 2 hours

Follow up treatment

£ 65.00 / 30+ minutes


£ 15.00 / 100mls