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Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics

Revolution Aesthetics offer a wide range of non-surgical solutions for those who are seeking to improve and maintain the appearance of their skin. Treatments include anti- wrinkle injections, fillers, skin peels and treatment for hyperhidrosis

Revolution Aesthetics are specialists in facial aesthetics providing skin solutions for both men and women using safe and effective treatments

All treatments are carried out by fully qualified professionals with backgrounds in medicine and dentistry.

Each clinician is committed to the highest quality treatments to provide their clients with natural, healthy, youthful skin

The team at Revolution Aesthetics dedicate time to provide comprehensive one to one consultations, believing every client is individual, and everyones’ skin is unique, to create a personalised treatment plan

Revolution Aesthetics


Dr Euchael Davidson

Dr Davidson qualified at Manchester University, and trained as a General Practitioner.

Telephone: 07826193638
Email: info@revolutionaesthetics.co.uk
Website: www.revolutionaesthetics.co.uk

Ms Rebecca Dore

Rebecca has a Dental Bachelor of Science degree, diploma in personal nutrition and over 5 years of clinical and dental experience. Rebecca currently works for the NHS in community dental clinics

Telephone: 07826193638
Email: info@revolutionaesthetics.co.uk
Website: www.revolutionaesthetics.co.uk

Anti-wrinkle injections

Treatments start from £ 149.00


    Treatments start from £ 199.00

      Skin Peels

      Treatment starts from £ 99.00


        Treatments start from £ 319.00


          Treatment starts from £ 149.00

            Facial Sculpting

            Treatment starts from £ 249.00